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Feedback for 1st year student

In my opinion, the course of the Vocabulary of Modern English is highly effective for students of our department. Besides, I’m sure that the second year of studying is an appropriate time for this subject, because the course makes  a useful contribution in contribution in enriching our vocabulary, but it acquires not only knowledge, it gives us the experience as well.
To start with, you’ll take advantage of working in class as it shows how to work in groups and overcome your personal fears connecting with our perforating skills, maybe discover some effective ways of remarkable achievements in learning new words. As for me, if you have a sense of responsibility and settle down regular preparing for the classes, you’ll enjoy the fruits of this hard work at the end of the course anyway. Believe me, that flicking through the words and hoping that you are so brainy will lead you to a spectacular failure.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to burn the midnight oil while cramming, but you should be quite determined and considered in order to pass exams with flying results. You should take to this course at the beginning of the term and keep in mind that if you want to have top marks, you have to set high standards for yourself and try to make a breakthrough. Otherwise, you are running the risk of falling behind with this subject.  What’s more, doing the course of the Vocabulary of English you’ll keep up with technical methods of learning. Frankly, I was skeptical about it, I mean doing tasks in the Internet and social networks, but now I understand that it produces great results as I can manage with different online tools and develop my writing skills.
However, the most difficult moments are, of course, during brainstorming topics and words for an exam. I had a tendency to lose my patience, be tense and think that everything will go badly wrong. It seems to me that setting exams always gives such impression of uncertainty, so keep calm and take it easy.

To sum up, the course of the Vocabulary of Modern English will give you a practice of studying language, the rich vocabulary that will be full of numerous phrases and collocations, and you’ll remember it thanks to entertaining with group mates while preparing the variety of creative tasks. Just be optimistic and persistent and the great success is guaranteed.

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